Open Table Youth

Welcome to Youth Ministry at Open Table UMC! 

We're an affirming and diverse group of teenagers (and their fans!) committed to growing in our love of God, neighbor, and Earth. We believe in the prophetic witness of teenagers in our community and strive to hold a sacred space for young people to explore faith, discover their gifts, and contribute meaningfully to the work of God in our world. We'd love to have you join us!

What We're Up To

  • The Youth Group is currently meeting after church every Sunday from 11:30-12:30 in our new youth room! 
  • Snacks 😃
  • Having fun, conversations about God, and working to become the face of Christ in the world

Resources for Teens & Parents

Queer Theology! A website and podcast run by Father Shannon Kearns and Brian Murphy that explores the unique gifts of LGBTQ+ folks to Christianity, LGBTQ+ presence in the Biblical narratives, and a variety of topics related to faith and identity. Not just for LGBTQ+ folks!


Faith in an Anxious World: This 4-episode podcast by Dr. Kara Powell of the Fuller Youth Institute blends faith and mental health insights to help parents/adults engage meaningfully with teens to foster resilience in a culture of anxiety.


Overcoming Fear, Confronting Racism, and Learning to be Uncomfortable: This entertaining 10-minute TedTalk by Luvvie Ajayi inspires folks to be courageous in truth-telling.


Existential Crisis in Young People: This blog post by Psychology Today contributor Dr. Alex Dimitriu examines the common experience of existential crisis/anxiety in teens and young adults and offers tips for navigating it.