We need YOU!

Open Tablers! We need your help running our Sunday service! We're grateful to our Pastors, Trustees, and Council, but even they can't do it all. Check our always updating sign up sheet below to see how you can contribute each week! 

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We've created guides for these important roles below the spreadsheet!

Sunday Sign-Up Sheet (Scrolls Left and Right)

Role Guide!

How to be a Greeter


We are trying to diversify who's involved on Sunday morning, so we need you to volunteer! If you're greeter, we need to just show up at 9:40 AM on Sunday. Give out a bulletin when someone comes to the door. All you have to do is open the door, and greet our visitors and churchgoers! 


What should visitors do with their kids? 


If they have a little baby, age 3 and under, you’ll want to walk them to our nursery.  


Kids older than 7 go to Chrissy, Emma, or Millie! Try to find one of them  - it's best if the parent gets introduced to Chrissy before dropping their child off.


If you can't find Chrissy, that's okay. Just tell them where in the service the kids leave (during the time of fellowship). 


Visitors that need a bathroom?


The easiest answer is through that doorway and to the right, and then there are signs telling you where to go.




Anyone can sit, anywhere!


Being a greeter is one of the most important jobs at the table, because you are the first face that somebody sees when they come here. Sign up today, and thank you! 




How to Lead the Call to Worship


It's really easy!  Everything is already written out for you and laid out up on the pulpit. At 10:00 AM, get up and stand at the pulpit with confidence. 


We love for people to introduce themselves, and maybe add something about the reasons you love Open Table! 


Next, we do the announcements. Ask the congregation to see our church announcements located on the back of their bulletins and briefly go over each announcement with highlights only.



Then, ask people, “Would you please stand together as we do our response of reading from [the passage listed in the bulletin]?“


Begin the first part, and then the people will jump in. 


Next, say “Join me in our congregational response, God, our deliverer,” and then everyone else will jump in. After that, you can walk off the stage and a hymn will start. 


It’s as easy as that! 



How to Lead the Prayer on Sunday Morning


After the hymn, hop up to the pulpit, and say:


Leader: “The Lord be with You.”


Congregation: “And also with you.”


Leader: “Let us pray”


Now, go ahead and read the prayer you brought – you can write it, or bring one you really liked that you found somewhere else! 


Then – finish your prayer with “Now, hear us as we pray the words you taught us to pray” 


Now, you’ll read/recite the Lord’s Prayer, and the congregation will join you. 


Don’t forget to say Amen! 


Then, walk off the stage, and enjoy the service!