Sacred Resistance:

Our Response to the UMC Vote

We are saddened by the UMC's vote of exclusion to the LGBTQ community, and are deeply sorry for the hurt that has been inflicted upon our LGBTQ friends, but we are not deterred in our commitment to affirm and celebrate all people here at Open Table. The United Methodist Church as we know it changed today, but our hope is that from this rich tradition a new church of inclusion and affirmation will rise in its place. We face an uncertain future as a denomination but as for us, we will be the resistance movement and continue our commitment to stand with our LGBTQ friends and are determined to build a church that is inclusive for all people, #noexceptions. This vote today will not change our stance but only solidifies our determination to create safe, affirming, and open spaces - without stipulation or reservation - for our LGBTQ friends to serve, lead, be married, and be ordained in. We believe the LGBTQ community is gift to the church and cannot imagine doing life without you and no vote can stop us from loving and fully including our friends. We will be bold in our commitment to full inclusion and will make no apologies for our dedication to God's love. We will find a way forward together. 
Standing with you,

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