Table Groups

In a recent survey of people who live in Raleigh 60% said they feel isolated and alone – so we want to be a community that opens our tables and our homes to build relationships and share life together.

Each week many of us gather together in homes across Raleigh to eat together, pray together, reflect on Sunday’s sermon, listen to each other and support one another.

These groups are low pressure and easy to join – just bring some food and you have everything you need. Kids are welcome.

Beginning in February we will begin 2 groups, with more to come:


Oakwood Common Table: Meets every other Wednesday from 6pm – 7pm (with dinner). Begins 2/21

  • Led by Bryan & Susanna (+kids)

East Raleigh Common Table: Meets every Thursday from 6pm – 7:15pm (with dinner). Beings 2/22

  • Led by Jason & Alya (+kids)

To sign up register below: